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Name a Star

Paul People light up when you give a Star Registry certificate. They've heard about it but haven't bothered to go out and get one. They're fun to give!

Dixie "Love the stars. Great Gifts, great memories"

Sharon "This is the best gift you could ever give someone. I got one for my brand new grandson for Christmas. My b/f thought it was so cool that I got him one for Valentine's Day. It's easy, looks great, fast service and they give you a link to share w/ your certificate. "

Josella years ago my husband gave me the idea to name a star in memory of my brother & we gave it to my mom as a Christmas gift. She loved it.

Tina Used as Christmas gifts. They loved them.

Sheila Granddaughter was thrilled to have a star named after her! Great Christmas present.

Steve It was a great Christmas gift!

Frank I used it for a xmas gift that was VERY much loved

Alex "This was a one-time Christmas gift. I probably will not go back until next holiday season, but the process was easy to follow and the supplemental gifts we got in the mail were great additions."

Heidi Great Christmas gift. Thumbs up.

Lynette Bought it for my son and daughter-in-law who lost a daughter four years ago. It was a Christmas gift and was very meaningful to them. They loved it. Perfect. Thank you.

Christine I was trying to figure out the best gift to give to my daughter for Christmas. And I came across. The ISR. And thought OMG. How cool would it b. to have her own star named after her.

Suzanne "I gave my new granddaughter, Sabrina a star last year for her first Christmas and she gave one (through her parents) to her cousin Shelby so their stars' would be close together in the sky. I think it was a wonderful and unique gift. My daughter plans on buying one for herself and her husband near the girls."

Nikki My son got one for Christmas - he was very excited.

Cheryl I just named a star for my 5th grandson. He recieved it as a gift for his first Christmas. This is really cool. Thinking about doing it for the other 4 grandsons!!!

Pamela "I named a star for my very dear friend's 50th birthday, for her son and daughtet-in-law on their 'surprise' wedding. Also for my granddaughter's first Christmas, and my grandson's Christening. What a wonderful way to acknowledge the special people in your life."

Shida Love it. It is making the perfect christmas present. Just wish the certificate were smaller for framing purposes.