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Name a Star


From the Star shining in the East to the sparkling ornament on your holiday tree, stars have always been associated Christmas.

In the story of Christmas itself tells us the Magi, the “Three Wise Men” followed a star in the east to Bethlehem. A shining star in the sky has always been associated with Christmas.

Christmas is by far the starriest season of the year. The cool clear air and the long star filled nights make this annual, joyous season the most wonderful time of year for star gazing with the ones you love. What better way to capture the beauty of the season than to give a gift that shines for eternity.

There is no brighter gift for the Holiday Season than naming a star!  When you buy a star name for the special people in your universe, they’ll join the millions of people worldwide who have had stars named through International Star Registry®. Our recipients include celebrities, dignitaries, royalty, presidents and regular individuals worldwide. Having a star named is the ultimate gift for Christmas, Weddings, birthdays, new babies, anniversaries or any occasion.

The International Star Registry ® gift package includes:

  • A beautiful 12" x 16" parchment certificate personalized with the name of your choice, date of dedication, and the telescopic coordinates of the star.
  • A large sky chart with the actual named star identified and circled in red.
  • A fascinating booklet on astronomy written by a professional astronomer to help you locate the named star.
  • A letter of congratulations or memorial for the recipient.

But don’t overlook the many beautiful package options.

  • Professional custom framing
  • Sterling silver jewelry inscribed with your star name and coordinates
  • Full color 12” x 16” Star Registry® Photographic Sky Chart highlighting the star you name
  • Our personalized, engraved, Christmas Star Ornament
  • and much more!

    Call today to give the Holiday gift that shines above all others. Name a star and make the Christmas season bright!

What’s more, we are staffed by real human beings. When you call, you will find someone who will guide you through each step of your order. We work hard to provide our customers with the finest personal service available and we are committed to producing a gift package of superior quality and workmanship.

Isn't there someone you think is a real star?


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International Star Registry ® star naming is not recognized by the scientific community.
Your stars name is reserved in International Star Registry ® records only.

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